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Gimme an “H”!

A man was sporting a football jersey of a team that did rather well in Sunday’s playoff games.  As he was leaving the brewhouse I congratulated him and said I believed his team could be the next Superbowl champs.
He said he was less concerned with the Superbowl and more concerned about next week’s championship game because his favorite team was playing his least favorite team.  For added emphasis he said, “I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse, than ‘that’ team playing in the Superbowl”.
I was a little taken aback.  Not so much by the phrase but rather how comfortable he was to use it in front of a complete stranger, a female one at that.  A female that could possibly be a mom or maybe someone’s sister. 
I didn’t laugh it off.  I didn’t want him thinking I found him charming and thus encourage him to use the phrase again.  I said politely with a genuine smile, “I can appreciate your loyalty, though I can’t necessarily say the same for the language”.
“Why, are you a fan of ‘that team’?”
“Oh, do you mean the “H” word?  Sorry.”
Blogger’s note:  All quotes have been paraphrased to protect the identity of the sports teams in question.  Fans of ‘that other’ city should not be made to look idiots just because this guy made himself look like one.