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Archive for January 13, 2011

Check Engine Light Revisited

It came back on.  The boys at the shop gave me a free diagnostic check and cleared it. 


They said drive around, probably a loose gas cap.

“If it comes back on in he next few days we will delve a bit deeper.” 

I drove home.

     As I pulled away from the shop, the familiar yellow indicator glared at me.

The delving of the deeper produced a neccessary valve replacement.

     The replaced valve price I was quoted was a quarter of what I expected to pay.

           So here is my question: Last time I visited “Italy Service” I cooked for the boys ‘Fresco Timpano’.

When I returned to shop with Fresco Timpano in hand,  I discovered they have no microwave, no refrigerator, no formal table nor chairs nor dining utensils.  It is an open garage.  

There is no heating system so warm dishes will get cold. Sandwiches are an easy answer but I would love something a tad more satisfying and hearty in winter. Something they can go back and enjoy during the day.  What can I bring to offer as a thank you?