A retired Vegas Showgirl walks into a bar…….

Precious Vegas Real Estate

Most bloggers I imagine, as they sit down to type their daily post, must go through a routine similar to my own.  I turn on the computer, pee, and then ease myself into my favorite arm chair with laptop in lap and beverage du jour at arm’s reach.  I however,  I must adhere to one more ritual before I can click away at the keyboard.
My nightly blogging has become a standard bedtime drill and I’m not the only one to realize that.  Every night as I settle in to write, I must compete with the furry creature that has just realized I have created something far more valuable than a humble computer site or a good story.  My sitting down to blog creates the forever prized and celebrated lap.  And my laptop loses the battle of precious real estate every time.
The cat is the main reason I am certain to evacuate my bladder prior to sitting.  Kneading is a big part of the lap acquisition and 10 pounds of cat can create a lot of unnecessary pressure.  The kneading is then followed by the purring, the headbutting, the nuzzling, all which precede of course, the circling, the settling, the last minute bathing and the heavy eyelids.  When his eyes finally do shut, I am able to reposition my laptop, somewhere balanced on an arm chair arm, or positioned across both knees and only then am I able to enjoy the task that initiated my sitting in the first place. 
Our ritual can take as long as 10 minutes and that is the main reason I bring a drink.  Sipping gives me something to do while furry beast is doing his thing.  At first he was distracting, now it gives me time to brainstorm.  It works out well for both parties.
His insistence of delaying my writing is his way of saying I love you and me agreeing to it is my way of saying I love you back.  I’ve got a pretty good life.  

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