A retired Vegas Showgirl walks into a bar…….


When house pets come to you,  
    I mean, go out of there way to find you…
        I mean, last you saw they were blinking their sleepy eyes at you when you returned home after a long brewhouse shift and
            I mean a LONG, Saturday-night-shift type of long,
                with holiday party season just beginning and folks who don’t normally go out to dine, now encouraged to show up in a restaurant
                    all green and inexperienced, requesting things or making demands that could have been solved when I initially asked what they would
                         like to eat,
which is fine I mean, 
                        but just makes for a more difficult work night so when I do arrive home and take off my shoes and make up and contact lenses and
                     finally drop my tired body in front of the television,  and I mean TIRED body,
                so when the furry beast does come to find me,
    does he do it for reasons selfish or selfless?
I mean,
    he doesn’t give me clear visual access to the television.  He demands that he kneads all my body parts he finds comfortable, even if the kneading is painful to me. He purrs enthusiastically, I mean it drowns out the background television drama plot he is forcing me not to see. 
               And when he decides has distracted me from the television long enough, he curls up like a comma with a nose nuzzled into an elbow.
            I mean, curled up so I am forced to type my blog entry with one arm extended in a bizarre way.  I guess my question doesn’t matter, he’s happy to see me and I’m happy to see him.
Please excuse the punctuation, I mean, I’m typing with one arm.

One response

  1. Shawn

    They absolutely know what they are doing. It is a not so subtle reminder that They are the center of our worlds and as mere mortals we should be beyond excited that we are able to provide comfort and a place to rest their weary heads!

    December 8, 2010 at 10:23 am

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