A retired Vegas Showgirl walks into a bar…….

The Pushers

My brewhouse friends are a bad influences.  I think that is what makes me truly appreciate them. 
I mentioned before that cooking for me is a borderline addiction.  It’s not that my friends enable me with simple encouragement, they stand in dark alleys, sporting opened trench coats lined with picturesque recipe cards whispering, “Hey, kid, I got what you need”.  Case in point…..
Donna invited me for Thanksgiving along with the rest of the brewhouse kids that live farther from loved ones than a 24 hour visit allows.  Even though the majority of the country has a four day weekend to enjoy, I’m grateful to work for a restaurant that shuts its doors for at least the one day.
This year I had planned to lay low for reasons purely cheapskate in nature.  If I could save myself from that lovely little french menu I wanted to cook for my birthday, surely I could turn my back to the monetary evils that tryptophan inspires.  Claude and I had our hearts set on a day of televised football and leftover Fresco Timpano sauce.   Okay, I had my heart set.  If Claude knew turkey was involved he would have voted differently.
Katie saw me in the brewhouse beverage station, “You’re going to Donna’s, right?”  It was a statement and not a question.  Donna was next.  “I’m making the turkey and stuffing, Katie’s doing the mashed potatoes.  Did I mention there will be plenty of wine”.  Fellow foodie, Holly mentioned something about attempting a new recipe for homemade cranberry ice cream… maybe laced with a little Grand Marnier.  sigh.   All my November cooking magazines were waiting for me at home on my island work station. There would be no harm in maybe glancing at a recipe or two…
Garnet Yams with Maple Syrup, Walnuts and Brandied Raisins (Bon Appetit November 2009)
Lemon-Roasted Green Beans with Marcona Almonds (Bon Appetit November 2007)
Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Fougasse (Bon Appetit November 2009)
Cranberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon (Bon Appetit 2007)
This won in the end.  Pumpkin Lasagna from Susan Simon’s Nantucket Holiday Cookbook. 
I only have to purchase lasagna noodles and dry vermouth for the entire recipe.   And maybe a bottle or two of white wine for my pushers.  I do want to show my gratitude for Donna’s invite and the girls’ friendship. 
And the last thing I want to do is discourage them from steering me in the wrong direction again.

One response

  1. Mom Cat

    All recipes sounded yummy to me, but I can definitely see why you chose the pumpkin lasagna. Pictures speak volumes.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    November 22, 2010 at 3:54 pm

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