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Birthday Road Trip

Last year for my birthday I went to Williams-Sonoma and treated myself to the beauty that is All-Clad cookware.
Don’t hate me because it’s true.
This year the older, wiser, more fiscally responsible birthday girl drove to the town of Primm, NV after I learned of the Williams-Sonoma outlet store out there.  I figured the money wasted on gas for the 40 minute drive would probably nullify all discounted savings but it was a great excuse to take the top down on the convertible.  November is one of the few Vegas months for which driving roof-lessly is pleasant.
My day off from the brewhouse began like any other day: lots of coffee.  Claude was kind enough to wish me “Bon anniversaire” by first licking the cream cheese icing off my birthday breakfast cupcake.  It wasn’t his fault.  I rarely have sweets in the house, how could he possibly know this was for me and not him.  I took an extra long shower and hit the road. 
Then I hit traffic, somewhere after the town of Jean.  As I crawled (10 mph) to Primm I was hoping sale prices would be worth the time I lost staring at the back license plate of a Land Rover.
Finally arriving at the mall and finding my way to the Williams-Sonoma store, I beelined to the Kitchen Aid Mixers.  I had, thanks to my family, a little extra green to spend on myself and my passion.  I didn’t think it would cover the cost of the Pro 600, but a girl can dream can’t she.  
And it didn’t.  The dream might have been temporarily dashed, however the minor fantasies were still alive and well:
(You are a true foodie if you find any of my purchases mildly interesting.  Non-foodies feel free to skip to tomorrow’s post).
An apple corer (needed one)
 a round whisk (40% off)
a scale (half price),
a spoon rest (I will save thousands of dollars in 409 purchases by not resting my kitchen utensils directly on my stove top) 
and the Williams-Sonoma French cookbook (half off).
I noted that pie weights were 20% off.  I have a special place in my heart for pie weights.  I already own a jar and I would have loved to bring some back to Holly.  Maybe for her birthday. 
Today was my day. 
I have a new apple corer to prove it. 

2 responses

  1. Mom Cat

    I just happened to be reading the KOHL’S sale ad for Friday and Saturday, which stated ” absolutely positively everything door-to -door, wall- to- wall every aisle, every rack is all on sale”
    So on the front page of the beautifully colored ad is a KitchenAid pro 600 Stand mixer..575 watts, 10 speeds. 6qt. bowl. Reg. $400.99, but on sale for $399.99 plus take another 10% off.
    Now I ask you is that a good price?

    November 18, 2010 at 2:38 pm

  2. Mom Cat

    Sorry I made a mistake on the original price of the Kitchenaid.
    It was $499.99. A $100 difference!!

    November 18, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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