A retired Vegas Showgirl walks into a bar…….

A Day of Possibilities

The best gift I could give to myself on November 17th is a day off.  For those who don’t know, it is my birthday.
Holly prefers to work on hers.  She says her tip average increases exponentially with the mention of her special day.  Holly is indeed a wise woman, but I would rather those special 24 hours, that only come once every 365 days, to be sans work uniform instead of $20 richer and smelling like chicken. 
Last year I started the day with a mimosa and a pedicure.  I then met Holly for lunch at an upscale fish house in Las Vegas’ The District shopping area.  We became the epitome of ladies that lunch. 
For 3 hours we enjoyed sushi and scallops and halibut and lovely bottles of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.  More friends showed up well into hour 4, which gave me a perfect distraction.  Feeling warm and fuzzy from the vino, I tottled 3 doors north to the Williams-Sonoma store.  With liquid courage and outstretched Visa card, I treated myself to the All Clad pans that I had been eyeing for years: they were finally on sale.  I had no regrets then nor do I now. Though I could badly use another pedicure. 
This year I am a coward.  Money is hard to come by at the brewhouse and even though my plastic is close to being paid off, I’ve turned chicken when it comes to spending.  No big purchase at Williams Sonoma this year.  I had initially fantasized about the Kitchen Aid Pro mixer but thanks to a brake light indicator on my car’s dash, I’m thinking this year’s extravagant purchase of brake pads, should help me stay around to see next year.  Then maybe I can afford the mixer. 
But before I return to work start saving to for next year’s fancy kitchen gadget, I get to enjoy 24 whole hours of not wearing all black and non-slip shoes. 
I will spend the day, in high heels with big hair and large clunky earrings.  I will wear rings with no fear of losing them in the dish pit.  I will spend a large part of the day sitting.  I will only wear an apron in my own kitchen.  I will carry a song in my heart not a drink on a tray.  I will spend the day talking to the people I love, and not just the people that are hungry.   I will not offer someone wine unless I pour myself a glass first.  I will not bring someone else birthday cake.  
 I’m not sure what I will do, but I will have 24 hours to do it.  Who can ask for anything else?

2 responses

  1. Mom Cat

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

    Wishing you much happiness, good health, and many friends.

    You are the BEST.

    November 17, 2010 at 6:12 pm

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