A retired Vegas Showgirl walks into a bar…….

“So what’ll ya have?” asked Carla the waitress from “Cheers”

“I”ll have a cup of tea.” said the straight laced, buttoned up, conservative, older woman.
“And I’ll have a small sherry.” answered her matching counterpart.
“Now that sounds nice” said woman number one. “Sherry sounds very nice. And it is late afternoon. I think I’ll have a glass of sherry too, please.  OR make that a wine.  White wine!”
“Wine?!  I haven’t had a glass of wine in ages!” says the second woman, “Is your wine dry? Then give me some wine too. Two wines”
Woman One: “You know what sounds like fun to me all of a sudden?  A beer!  I haven’t had a beer since I don’t know when!”
Woman Two: “I used to have half a beer on a hot day”
Woman One: “Well it’s quite cold out today.”
Woman Two: “Then put a shot of whiskey with it and it’s perfect.
Woman One: “Two boilermakers, Wild Turkey and Bud.”
Carla: “I’ll run a tab.”
Ladies: “Good.”

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